Sucre’s CasArte Takubamba, a Brief Tour and Review

Sucre, Bolivia – I haven’t made a habit of posting reviews of places I’ve stayed on this trip* and don’t plan to start now, but I will make a rare exception for the Hostal CasArte Takubamba in Sucre. Bolivia, where I’m wrapping up a 16-night stay, today.

Everything about the sprawling CasArte Takubamba was inviting, from the gracefully decorated courtyard and outdoor kitchen to the spacious rooms and friendly staff. In short, relaxing start to finish.

And as you may have surmised from the name and will see in the pics, visually it’s a sumptuous, energizing feast. If I ever have spaces like this at my disposal, I’ll be borrowing a few ideas.

Central courtyard, breakfast nook and outdoor kitchen
Central courtyard, breakfast nook and outdoor kitchen

Originally owned and lived in by the current owners grandparents, it’s been recently completely restored and converted into a facility that’s as comfortable as a guesthouse as it is appropriate as an art gallery.

My primary splurge on this trip is to book, as often as feasible, a single room. Here it set me back about USD $18 / EUR 14 a night, a decent breakfast and private bath included, via Those sharing quarters paid considerably less.

There are two wifi networks available, both of which work reasonably well in all public areas. The location is terrific as well; the central Plaza 25 de Mayo is only about a 10-minute stroll away, while several shops, a grocery store, a cinema, a handful of restaurants and cafés are just a short walk away.

What else? Laundry service is 15 Bolivianos per kilogram, Spanish lessons and art workshops are also available. And the road office was one of the most peacefully exhilarating. Very highly recommended.

There no website for the hostel that I’m aware of, but their very active Facebook page is here.

Hostal CasArte Takubamba
Calle J.M. Serrano Nro 256
0001 Sucre


*I do however maintain an updated gallery of hotels, rooms, hostels and beds on my Facebook page.

I stayed at the Smart Stay Hotel Station from 2-17 April 2013..

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  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says

    the color all but jumps through the screen! i am glad that you made an exception and shared this great hostel! z

  2. restlessjo says

    I have a bidet in mind for just that treatment!
    Looks like a great place, Bob.

  3. So glad you took the time to post a tour. This place looks awesome.

  4. xavier says

    Hello Bob
    We are delighted that you enjoyed living in the hostel
    and you like the work of artists who have a free space to display their work here in Takubamba, that was our goal and I think we are achieving little by little.
    Greetings from Takubamba it’s your home, always welcome

  5. bentehaarstad says

    It is so wonderful with all the artwork and colours. It will be a magical stay.

  6. ionutmarius2004 says

    very beautiful!

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