Efecto Mandarina, Bolivian Jazz


For your Saturday evening listening pleasure, this is ‘Luz’ by Efecto Madarina from La Paz, a jazz ensemble I was turned on to last week. Soulful Vero Pérez is the vocalist.

From an interview with Pérez in the Bolivian Express:

BX: In your opinion, how big is the jazz scene in Bolivia?
V.P.: It’s actually very small. It is considered a kind of elite [group] of musicians who take themselves very seriously and choose not to promote their music – something which we really disagree with. We think jazz music, like any other music, could be commercial and could be heard by many. The problem, however, isn’t only with the jazz scene but the whole music scene in Bolivia. Musicians are too cautious; we have too much insecurity, artists here go by the simple idea of making music for money and competing with others for fame. We have to understand that music is sacred; it is an extremely sensitive and perfect way to express one’s emotional and physical thoughts.

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