Mural by Guache, Lima, Peru 2013

Patterns on a Wall, and Through History (Pic du Jour)

This is a detail from a large piece by Bogota-based street artist Guache on Jiron Lampa in Lima, created for the Latido Americano festival held in the Peruvian capital this past March. This second annual event brought together more than 25 street art and graffiti aficionados from a dozen countries. Brooklyn Street Art has a terrific two-part showcase of the event here and here. Another participating artist has an account and plenty of photos here. Check ’em out, the pieces are colorful and vibrant, sensational.

Pattern is the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge; this mural which I walked past several times last weekend in Lima, one that vividly brought that city block to life, immediately came to mind.

There are several patterns at play here. There are those on the wall of course, not quite uniform, that piece together the pride, courage and conviction emanating from the man’s portrait.

And there is also the cyclical pattern in which the mural exists, in both its historical and contemporary contexts: the repeated pattern of harsh treatment, discrimination and neglect the subject and those he represents have endured for more than five centuries.

I’m looking forward to discovering more of his work. For more, check out his website

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