March Against Monsanto in Quito – Notebook and 22 Photos

March Against Monsanto in Quito, Ecuador

Here are some images from this morning and early afternoon’s March Against Monsanto action in Quito, Ecuador, one of 436 cities in 52 countries where demonstrations were held against GMO/biotech giant Monsanto today.

Monsanto, the company that brought the world Agent Orange five decades ago (see a post of my October 2010 visit with Vietnam’s third generation of victims), has massive global reach, with 404 facilities in 66 countries across six continents. According to Food and Water Watch, in 2009 Monsanto’s products were grown on more than 282 million acres worldwide.

Activists and food safety advocates contend that no scientific assessments exist confirming that genetically-modified crops are safe for people and the environment. Conversely, numerous GMO products –many owned by Monsanto– have been linked to serious disease and illness, and have rendered millions of acres of land infertile. Earlier this year Poland became the eighth European Union country to ban Monsanto corn, joining Germany, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg, France, Greece, Italy, and Bulgaria. At least 27 countries now ban certain GMOs.

Several Hundred Take Part in Quito

Given Ecuador’s progressive agriculture and environmental policies –the country’s 2008 Constitution was the first in the world to recognize legally enforceable Rights of Nature, or ecosystem rights, and was one of the first to recognize the right to food, or Food Sovereignty— I was a little surprised to learn that Monsanto not only has a presence here, but that Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa recently said that the government needs to take another look at GMOs.  “No they don’t,” was the answer today.

Here in Quito, the demonstration began in a small plaza in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries (MAGAP). There was then a march to and through Parque la Carolina, one of the country’s largest public green spaces, before returning to MAGAP Plaza. I estimate that about 200 took part in the march, with the number of participants topping 300 at its peak post-march. Local organizers might be able to provide a better figure.

Speaking of numbers – those provided by organizers of the worldwide action –upwards of two million from 436 cities in 52 countries — and cited in this Associated Press story, are quite significant, considering the ‘March Against Monsanto’ global movement began less than three months ago via a Facebook group.

Twenty-two photos in all are below. Note to event and community organizers: You may use any of these photos to illustrate stories, posts and summaries of other May 25 events so long as the watermark remains intact and credit provided as follows: Bob Ramsak / piran café. A quick note informing me that they’re being used would be appreciated as well.

Video coming later, or tomorrow, depending on the connection at my humble hostel in Quito. I just posted a four-minute video of the action here. There was some absolutely fabulous post-march music and dancing, but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow later in the week. It’s worth the wait, I promise.

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  1. Angeline M says

    I was in San Francisco today, and saw a huge march against Monsanto there.

    1. BobR says

      Good to hear. I’ve been reading about many. Quite impressive that this day of action came together in just three months.

  2. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says

    Reblogged this on Zeebra Designs & Destinations and commented:
    Although I am on the Pacific coast, part of me was in Quito and wondering how the march went. I wasn’t surprised that Bob did his homework and presented a great report. Follow his prompt and see the Agent Orange Golden Anniversary story, but be prepared for a heart wrenching story. We need more stories and photos like this to help everyone WAKE UP.
    Thanks, Bob.


    1. BobR says

      Thanks again.

  3. shoreacres says

    Bravo! In the U.S., it seems only concerted consumer action against corporations like Whole Foods will move them to put pressure on our government. Monsanto, DuPont, are buying legislative favor, and it has to stop.

    1. BobR says

      ! agree, not until there is real change in the piles of $$ used to court political favor, little will change. Check the link to Food & Water Watch – they mention how much money Monsanto has given in the last election cycle.

  4. OyiaBrown says

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  5. LuAnn says

    So glad to see that this kind of action is taking place all over the world. This is a subject I am passionate about and am so grateful for your post.

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  7. Lynda says

    With your permission, may I reblog this?
    I am always encouraged when I see the people of any country take action against Mega-Corp-Monstanto, and I want to share!

    1. BobR says

      Yes, of course, by all means. Thanks!

  8. travelingaround50 says

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  9. travelingaround50 says

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  11. Madhu says

    Our government has been switching back and forth for years! Just read on the Facebook page that the mainstream media didn’t cover these marches! Not even a whisper in our media about them either, Thank you for a great report Bob.

    1. BobR says

      I’ve read some case studies from India with truly horrendous and tragic consequences.

  12. peacewisdomprosperity says

    I cannot thank you enough this informative article ! It brings much hope to see that the people of the world are AWAKE and adamant about their home planet !

    1. BobR says

      There are millions of people fighting for justice in countless corners of the planet. It does help to be reminded of that once in a while.

  13. Anne Campagnet-Reed says

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  14. silvana1989 says

    Such a great post Bob, I hope Our president consider What He said, I heard a lot of country wants to copy Ecuador´ models about Food system, constitution from Ecuador is considered one of the most advanced in Latin America. We voted for this but we also know our president could take advantage of his popularity to change anything in our constitution. We need to keep alert!!!

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  19. JoHanna Massey says

    I am so glad to see people protesting against Monsanto. And to see people like yourself reporting the protests.
    Thank you.

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