Six Shots From Lwdin Franco’s ‘Above is as Below’

Medellin, Colombia – This installation, Es arriba como es abajo, or Above is as Below by Colombian artist Lwdin Franco, is part of El Barro Tiene Voz: De las ceramicas prehispanicas al arte actual, currently on display at the Museo de Antioquia in Medellin.

These small terra-cotta figurines caught my attention because they reminded me of these snatched body clay figures that appeared throughout Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, as a protest about a year ago. But unlike those clay doll’s sullen appearance, the visual appeal of Franco’s figures was invigorating, as the piece’s elaborate choreography twists, turns and dances on a museum wall. They were like a much-needed good cup of coffee, and an excellent contrast with the museum’s fabulous collection of Botero sculptures and paintings. More on those soon.

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