Reflections From Potosi and a Quick Poll

I enjoy snapping photos of mirrors, like this one, found on a narrow one-way street, near the 16th Century Convent of San Francisco in Potosi, Bolivia. I also like looking at them in both color and monochrome.

Potosi 018-bw

So the quick question is: Which do you prefer?

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By the way – I mentioned Potosi, at 4,090 meters (13,420 ft) one of the highest cities in the world, in a previous post. Mercifully I didn’t suffer an assault at the hand of of four-and-a-half foot tall grandmother on this particular day.

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  1. That’s a great photo. Bolivia is on my radar and would love to check out so many of the sights including Potosi.

  2. Cindy says

    I think the color one is much stronger. Because the colors are so vibrant – the orange mirror against the stone wall with the pastel orangy building make the picture zing and the mirror itself is “reflected” in the color of the building in the background. Haven’t been to Bolivia. May have to check it out.

  3. The Wanderlust Gene says

    I’m often a monotone girl, especially when it comes to buildings, but in this instance, I’m opting for the colour for two reasons: the colour is soooo beautiful, mellow and yet quite intense and beautifully graduated from dull stone to that salmon through the almost Wedgewood blue of the reflections in the window panes beyond; and second, because the convex street mirror places the scene in our times.

    Hope you’re doing well?

    1. BobR says

      I’m doing much better, thanks!

  4. Suzanne says

    I usually go for black and white photos but in this case I like the colour one better. It really accentuates the view in the mirror and makes it stand out against the background. Also I agree with the previous comment. The colours are so mellow and beautiful. The dusty pink and blues are superb.

  5. longshotist says

    In this particular instance I like the color version. The orange really pops, and there are colorful buildings in the background that look good. Don’t get me wrong – I love me some B&W photography but here I don’t think the contrast is enough to make it superior to the color version.

    1. BobR says

      Thanks, Doug. Agree – there isn’t really enough contrast and black to white in the main part of the pic to make this work nearly as well as I hoped it would. Hope all’s well!

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