Wouldn't it be nice if Greyhounds were decorated like this?

Going Trans-America, Almost

Portland, Ore., USA – I’ve taken quite a few long bus rides over the past several months: Bariloche to Mendoza, Argentina, 19 hours; Cusco to Lima, Peru, 22 hours; another handful that lasted 14-18 hours; more than I care to count in the eight to 12 hour range. I’ve gotten pretty good at it, so after a string of seven bus-less weeks, I’m coming back for more.

I’m setting out from Portland’s Greyhound station tonight at 11 bound for Cleveland, Ohio, on a trip that will take me through ten states in two days, 14 hours and 25 minutes. Among those, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa will be first-time transits.

Photos of a fleet of sleekly designed, comfortable and wifi-equipped buses figure prominently on the venerable American coach company’s website; I’m banking on the hope that they’ll be a step or two above those that Greyhound used the last time I rode on one – back in 1992 when I traveled from the US-Mexican border at Brownsville, Texas to Athens, Ohio in the Appalachian foothills.

Unfortunately, I won’t have time to stop anywhere along the way. My return to Slovenia has been booked (9 Sep) and I’ve got several family commitments in and around Ohio I’m looking forward to before heading back to Europe.

So why not fly?

Because my intention from the beginning of this trip back in January was to travel exclusively overland. Had I not gotten sick in June, that streak which began in Tierra del Fuego would not have been broken last month when I boarded a plane last in San Jose, Costa Rica for the Pacific Northwest.

So it’ll be all highway, almost all the time. And seedy city centers at 4 am the rest of the time. Looking forward.

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  1. Good luck with that, Bob! I’d enjoy a critique on how bus comfort has improved since the ‘old’ days – though wiFi will add an element of entertainment lacking back then. I once did a cross-continent trip (Los Angeles-New York) – I was rocking for days when I eventually set foot in in the Big Apple – I can still feel that sense of physical disorientation now, 40 years later! 🙂

  2. wifi onboard? wow! that’s worth the effort right there! buen viaje! i just returned to jama tonight after another trip to manta for more tramites… silvana’s internet is down, so she’s been off the page. she would send her best wishes if she could.

    stay well and enjoy your trip!

  3. That brings back childhood memories as my dad was putting me on a Greyhound bus every other weekend to go stay with relatives for the weekend. The bus in the picture reminds of a Grateful Dead tour bus I saw on tv a couple months ago! 🙂

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