Moving to Stand Still

I found a new home office in Ljubljana yesterday (!) which means I’ll be online sparingly over the next week as I move in, unpack and get situated. I’ve been back in Slovenia for three weeks now but am still feeling a little off-kilter after several months on the road — kind of like a stranger in a familiar place. Setting up a place to call home should help restore some of that missing balance. Cheers!

  1. hey
    i saw this title and HAD to pause in my hurried email stop in mindo.. i have also been full throttle for about 6 weeks and what little internet time is never long enough! on friday will be meeting a tour group of 35, and we will be going to manabi/tour the riverhouse (ahem, floor!) and then i’ll return to mindo…

    i’m happy that you have a spot to ‘park’ and slow down, savor the photos, reflect on your travels, and allow your body to do some serious repair and maintenance!

    i look forward to having time to enjoy the posts that i’ve missed.

    more soon,

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