Chaiten Sunset – Pic du Jour

This was taken last March in Chaiten, Chile, a small town about 1,200 kilometers south of the capital Santiago, which made headlines back in May 2008 when a nearby volcano that bears the town’s name woke from a 9,370-year slumber. Over its month-long eruption, it blew a column of ash and hot gases nearly 31 kilometers into the sky and spewed ash as far as Buenos Aires. Half the town was destroyed and nearly five years later, much of the damage is still clearly visible. As if time stood still.

This area is part of a vast swath of land along the Gulf of Corcovado that was transformed into a dreary lunar landscape by thousands of tons of ash, mud and debris dumped there by the raging Blanco river after it flooded its banks by more than 200 meters on each side.

On this early evening, with the sun setting in the distance and casting these beautiful orange and yellow hues over the otherwise gloomy gray sandbars, it appeared that everything in Chaiten was normal, right down to the couple out for a sunset horse ride.

This is for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge whose theme is ‘The Hues of You‘. These hues aren’t necessarily me, but they were most welcome that night.

I posted twice before from and about Chaiten; there are a few more photos in a quick post here and a much longer notebook entry, with several photos and some short video clips here.

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