Love (is still) Coming Soon, Pt 3 – LJ Pic of the Day

I’ve always thought Slovenians to be a patient people. Behold, more proof.

I first spotted this graffiti back in September of 2009 and am delighted to report that it’s still there, screaming from a wall next to the entrance of the University of Ljubljana’s Central Technical Library — which is also near an entrance to Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana’s (and Slovenia’s) premiere cultural center.

I re-started the Ljubljana Photo of the Day Project, a chore which began back in early 2007, with a picture of this scribbled declaration just over four years and one month ago, and revisited it last year. So it’s appropriate to use a similar image in the latest kick-start. I reached a record 45 straight daily LJ Pic of the Day posts on 6 May 2012 – surpassing that is the immediate goal. Wish me luck.

For the LJ Pic of the Day Archive, go here. If you feel a Ljubljana image overdose is in order, go here.

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