Cool Tools – The Whole Earth Catalog for the 2010s

More specifically, Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities, which has just been added to my Wish List. 🙂

Like the Whole Earth Catalog from the latter part of the last century, this one, compiled by Kevin Kelly, is an over-sized book that lists and reviews 1,500 different tools culled from his ten years of editing a web site of the same name, explaining why each one is great, and what its benefits are. Check out Kelly’s essay about the book here. It’s available for pre-order now.

BTW, when you have an hour to kill, spend it with Boing Boing’s Gweek #117 podcast which includes a discussion with Kelly about the book and countless other topics, self-publishing among them. The latter is particularly interesting since Kelly decided to go the self-publishing route with Cool Tools.


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