Two Poems and a Ljubljana-Sarajevo Connection

More than three years have passed since I visited Sarajevo; rare is the day that goes by without a memory or sensation taking me back, even if just fleetingly, to that four-day visit.

That’s why I was delighted to agree when an editor of Text Box, the online anthology of works published over the years by the Missouri Review, asked to use some of my photos to accompany two works by poet Andrea O’Rourke.

Above is a shot from Ljubljana for her poem “Sarajevo Cycle: 1992 to 1996“. Below is a photo from Sarajevo used with “Would It Surprise You I Don’t Like Mornings?” The former is a fragmented visual feast of life during wartime. The latter is about the secrets families keep.

Would it surprise you I dont like mornings

A native of Croatia, O’Rourke lives in Atlanta where she teaches composition at Georgia State University, translates and paints. The Missouri Review has also published an insightful interview with O’Rourke, conducted earlier this month, here.

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