Across the Ravaged Land

Photo Book de Jour: Across the Ravaged Land, the final book of photographer Nick Brandt‘s trilogy documenting the disappearing natural world in East Africa, features a beautifully stark collection of photographs documenting the slaughter he’s witnessed over the course of 13 years. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, his masterful use of black and white only adds to the urgency in the wake of that slaughter. He writes:

Being something of a natural pessimist (always tempting to actually just say “realist”), I always felt that I was potentially making a final testament, an elegy, to the extraordinary natural world of East Africa, and the wild creatures that inhabited it. Back then, in my first book, On This Earth, I photographed what I saw as something of a paradise, an Eden. And it was, compared to what is happening today in 2013. But even 13 years ago, my pessimistic mind did not conceive that things would turn this bad, this quickly.


At the current rate of slaughter, there will be no elephants, no lions, no cheetahs left in the vast expanse of the African continent within 15 years.

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