LIFFe 2013 – Recap One

Yesterday was LIFFe Day Four, which means the first third of the 24th Ljubljana International FilmFest is behind us. In case you missed something or are just now checking in, here’s a quick recap of what’s appeared over the past 96 hours on Piran Café:

Bringing Hopper’s Work to Life – Shirley: Visions of Reality – a 90-Second Review
Lose Your Head – a Two-Minute Review
‘Mama Europa’ and her Brood of Borders – a 120-second review
The Power of Tainted Love – a 65-Second ‘Sightseers’ Review
‘Big Sur’ – More Proof That Kerouac and Movies Don’t Mix

All things considered, Shirley is my pick of the pack so far.

Stephanie Cumming on the Making of ‘Shirley: Visions of Reality – an eight-minute Q&A with the lead of this critically acclaimed Austrian experimental feature

And the Intro: For the Next 12 Days, a Focus on Film and LIFFe

I also attended all three short film screenings –15 films in all– but will save posts on those until after the festival concludes, when I’ll have a little more time to focus on individual film makers.

I’m also posting photos, links and other more brief tidbits on Twitter and the Piran Café Facebook page. Check ’em out.

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