Mirrors and Reflections

On the Bus, Beograd, Serbia, 29-May-2007

This was taken more than six years ago in Belgrade. I love the woman’s melancholy gaze breaking through the reflection of the clouds. It’s one of my all-time favorite shots, captured spontaneously while waiting for a red light to turn green.

Mirrors –and the reflections associated with them– is this week’s #frifotos theme on twitter. Here are a dozen from those snapped over the past six years culled from my flickr stream, which I’m now starting to use again more regularly.

You got a favorite?

Billboard. Zurich, 07-Sep-2007

Neon, Vienna, 28-Jun-2007
Button Box accordion, Pregarje, Slovenia, 10-Aug-2007
Stockholm, 16-Aug-2012
Zagreb, Croatia, 04-Jul 2007
Ambulance, main square, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 25-Jun2007
Tuscan Tunnels Reflectiosn, 11-Jul-2007

I couldn’t resist this snap of a beautiful stranger, on the EuroStar (ES) 9439, in a tunnel in Tuscany between Milano and Rome.

Clock tower, Ljubljana train station, February 2009.


Oslo National Opera, June 2008.

And finally, ending almost in the same position with which we started. This is on the Cisalpino (CIS) 37, from Lausanne to Milano, 11-Jul 2007. She didn’t know I was taking her picture. I hope she’s doing well.

Southern Swiss Reflections, 2007.



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  1. ninano says

    All of these photos are good, but the first one is stunning. The eye contact and the yellow stripes makes it stand out 🙂 . The ambulance photo is also excellent. (I would actually like to see only the yellow photos in one post, I think that when you mix all those different reflections, one may lose attention.)

  2. Andy Townend says

    stunning. belgrade.

  3. Chasing the Donkey says

    Seriously cool photos. I love that eye one.

    1. BobR says


  4. […] posted the color version before [and here and here and here]; prompted by this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge –the theme is […]

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