Isla del Sol: In Color, or Black and White?

Here is a 90-second video notebook from Isla de Sol on Lake Titicaca, the island were the Inca believed the sun was created and their dynasty born. After spending part of a day traversing the lake’s largest island, it wasn’t difficult to imagine the spiritual connection the setting inspired.

The sublime beauty of the island and its immediate environs imparted in me a connection and inner peace than not even Machu Picchu, where I would visit about a week later, was able to match.

I didn’t shoot much during the hike across the island’s spine, just these half dozen handheld scenes under the strongest and brightest sun of the day. I’ve watched several black and white films in recent weeks so I decided to render this in both color and monochrome to see what iMovie throws back.

Which do you prefer?

Music via the Free Music Archive is a portion of this beautiful piece, ‘Appel à la prière’ (feat. Eddie Wagner), by Montreal-based musician YlangYlang. You can also check out more here.



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  1. alcessa says

    Even before having taken a look at any of them, I was sure my answer would be “Color” – I mean, surely we are genetically coded to love beautifully colored natural scenes (though possibly not to just let them be)?

    So why do I prefer the Black And White version after having seen them both? Confusing, this is.

    Anyway: If the Sun was created on Isla del Sol, her cousin the Sky lived and reigned on Ukonsaari in Finland (of all places!), throwing thunderstorm parties when unhappy or in needing to visibly wield power 🙂

    1. alcessa says

      (Don’t know what happened to the link, let us have another try; Ukonsaari … throwing thunderstorm parties when unhappy or needing to visibly wield power.

      1. BobR says

        Thunderstorm parties in Lapland – that I’d love to experience. Then again, knowing how much Finns can and do drink, maybe I don’t want to experience it. 🙂

    2. BobR says

      That is interesting. I was just playing with the settings and decided on giving b&w a try. If it was shot properly –ie with the right filters, and tripods and makeshift dollies and at the right time of day, etc– the monochrome version would be stunning. But then again, so would the color one. 🙂

      1. alcessa says

        Maybe it is because the black and white version has a more artistic impact (more culture, less nature) – and because I get to see lovely blue lakes very summer? Like, the last 15 years or so? 🙂 Though not surrounded by white-capped mountains, still: they ARE practically Scandinavia.

        I agree that drinking with Finns might be a bad idea … 🙂

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