At a book fair in Cusco, Peru, 28-Apr-2013

15 Snaps From a Book Fair in Cusco

A cardinal rule about long term travel necessarily involves shutting out any and all consumer instincts we may have and not shop for things we’ll be forced to carry. Buying books has always been a weakness of mine, both on the road and at home, but I was pretty good about not buying too many during my seven-month trip through the Americas earlier this year*.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t spend lots of time admiring them. Like at this book fair in Cusco, Peru.

At a book fair in Cusco, Peru, 28-Apr-2013

As interesting to me as the variety of available titles is watching what locals gravitate towards and seeing how many truly locally sourced books are available to readers, as opposed to translations of foreign writers. While lots of local fare was available, it was disconcerting to see the high concentration of foreign titles in the children’s book market.

You can browse too in this 15-photo gallery below.

*So what did I buy?

Only three (that I can remember or locate at the moment): “Birds of Argentina and Uruguay -A Field Guide”; “Tales the Tehuelche Tell”, a collection of indigenous Patagonian legends; and “Gringa Hunter & Other Short Stories”, an English language translation of a collection of contemporary short stories by Peruvian writer Mario Guevare Paredes. The first two were added early on, in Argentina, and the latter at this book fair. Leaving empty-handed was impossible.

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