End of the Road, Revisited (Pic du Jour)

This is Lapataia Bay in Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego National Park, the southern terminus of the Pan-American Highway. Alaska is 17,848 kilometers north.

I posted a very similar photo back in February –shot from the same position as this– only this time, at the request of a potential buyer who contacted me via my shop on Red Bubble, it’s a black and white image.

This is a 10sec exposure at f22 with an 8-stop ND filter, 100 ASA; the photo published back in February was a 15sec exposure, so it’s much lighter but with a slightly washed out sky. This is actually a much more true representation of that afternoon.

Snapped on 02-Feb-2013

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  1. M. R. says

    I would’ve thought that f22 would mean a fairly bright day; so it must’ve been part of your Overall Plan. Which you achieved sans pareil. B&W takes talent.


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