Hotels, Rooms, Hostels & Beds – The Best of 2013

This was at the CasArte Takubamba hostel in Sucre, Bolivia, one of some fifty places where I laid me down to sleep in 2013. All things considered, it was my favorite accomodation of the bunch: comfortable, welcoming and staffed by genuinely nice people. If I ever return to Sucre, I will be returning here.

Since I moved to Europe in 2004 and began traveling extensively, I developed a road routine that includes taking a quick snapshot of my hotel room promptly upon arrival. I haven’t always succeeded, and have probably missed a few dozen over the years, but I was pretty good about this year. When I was putting this little slideshow together — accommodations from Ushuaia in Tierra Del Fuego to my hepatitis A bed in Boquete, Panama  —  I noticed that I only missed a couple, not counting the beds and couches of friends and relatives later on.

Viewed separately these snaps are fairly mundane. Viewed quickly, and with a soundtrack by the jovial and energetic Asian Women on the Telephone, they become slightly less mundane.


In order of appearance:

Buenos Aires, Argentina | Ushuaia, Argentina | Punta Arenas, Chile | Puerto Natales, Chile | Calafate, Argentina | El Chalten, Argentina | Los Antigos, Argentina | Chile Chico, Chile | Rio Tranquilo, Chile | Villa Castillo, Chile | Coyhaique, Chile | Puyuhuapi, Chile | Chaiten, Chile | Puerto Montt, Chile | Puerto Varas, Chile | Puella, Chile | Bariloche, Argentina | Mendoza, Argentina | Santiago, Chile | Santiago to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile | near Laguna Colorada, Bolivia | near San Juan, Bolivia | Uyuni, Bolivia | Potosi, Bolivia | Sucre, Bolivia | La Paz, Bolivia | Copacabana, Bolivia | Copacabana, Bolivia to Cusco, Peru | Cusco, Peru | Cusco to Lima, Peru | Lima, Peru | Zorritos, Peru | Puerto Pizarro, Peru | Guayaquil, Ecuador | Puerto Lopez, Ecuador | Manta, Ecuador | Jama, Ecuador | Quito, Ecuador | Popayan, Colombia | Medellin, Colombia | Cartagena, Colombia | San Blas Islands, Panama | Panama City | Boquete, Panama

And if you’re still interested, here’s another similar hotel room & view slideshow consisting of 124 snaps taken between 2007-2011.

And if you’re planning to visit Sucre, check out CasArte Takubamba. A brief write-up with plenty of photos is here.



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  1. M. R. says

    Talk about running the gamut! – some of those rooms you could barely find the space to get out of bed into! I hope the tariffs met the … ahh … ambience. 🙂

  2. That’s an impressive amount of hotel rooms!! Have you been settled in Piran for long, or only passing by? We visited there couple of years back, but have base in the Soca valley, hence spend quite a bit of time in Slovenia usually! 🙂

    1. BobR says

      I live in Ljubljana actually, but was born in Piran, thus the name. 🙂 Where in the Soca Valley are you based?

  3. frankaboutcroatia says

    Great idea, Bob! I tried to spot Hepatitis A bed, but more than one looked suspicious.

    1. BobR says

      One came with bedbugs too, included in the price. 🙂

  4. Adelina says

    What a great idea for a video! Such diversity of accommodation options and its so cool to see them all together.

  5. ahubbard10 says

    Love the idea! I tend to take photos of my accomodation when I first get there as well…but I don’t do anything with the photos haha Thanks for joining the Sunday Traveler 🙂

  6. Lunaguava says

    Love this, great idea! But I’d like to know which ones had Hepatitis and bedbugs 🙂 Really like the masks in the first photo, by the way. Good luck and Hepatitis-free travels, Bob!

  7. Jess says

    What a cool way to look back at everyplace you’ve been this year! I love the slideshow. But the masks are my favorite – wish I could stay there.

  8. hotel la tour says

    Lucky you getting to stay in so many wonderful hotels! Great slideshow

    1. BobR says

      Thanks – was very fun to put together.

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  10. Mrs. Chasing the Donkey says

    Ewwwwwww! No bed bugs? I feel a little ill right about now… *scratches myself*

    1. Bob R says

      DON’T scratch that itch!

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