Out and About Daily ~ For January 2, 2014

I think that huge creature on the wall is one of those giant post-Chernobyl rats. Given the size of the cloud that hovered over this part of central Europe back in 1986, I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more of these around Ljubljana.

This shot is also one photo of 14 that makes up the Inaugural edition of ‘Out and About’, a new project which, according to my list of New Year’s  resolutions, will be a daily feature both in my life and on my blog. The idea is to capture a bit of the everyday every day from wherever I happen to be, from the ravishing and exciting to the drab and mundane. Today, like this day, it’s definitely the latter.

To expedite the process, the photos will be snapped on my smartphone, undergo the most minimal editing possible and then uploaded to a separate daily album on my Google+ page. All my albums there are public so you don’t need to have me in your circles or even own a Google+ account to take a look. (But if you do, why not take a moment and add me right now?) Check out today’s entire 14-picture album here.

I fully realize that publicly committing to a daily upload is folly, but I’m hardly the first to make unrealistic proclamations in the days of January. I’ll try to post at least one on Piran Cafe with a link to that day’s album, but that’s not a promise at the moment. I’d rather surprise myself. Please wish me luck.

Upcoming travel plans? With the exception of a few days trips in Slovenia, I’ll be mostly in Ljubljana for the next five weeks. In February there’s a quick trip to the U.S. midwest on the agenda, and about five or six days in (hopefully) snowy Bavaria. A ski weekend to either northeast Italy or Austria is on the somewhat realistic wish list as well before the winter is out.

In other blog news, as I alluded to last month I’ll be making some big changes –exciting changes!– with both layout and content shortly, most likely within the next 10 days. I’ll be leaving the WordPress.com fold, but that shouldn’t affect email subscribers or those who visit via the WordPress Reader. More details on that in the next few days.

Vietnamese People's Air Force Museum 01
Vietnamese People’s Air Force Museum 01 (Photo credit: Bob Ramsak)

And this unrelated random photo? For some reason the Zemanta plug-in suggested it as the lead photo for this post. So who am I to say no?

It was taken back in October 2010 when I visited the Vietnamese People’s Air Force Museum in Hanoi. The reader who can come up with the best (i.e. most creative) reason it appeared will be gifted a copy of my South America travelogue*. Upon publication later this year, of course. 🙂

*Minimum of 10 separate entries required, please. 🙂
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