Ljubljana castle from Novi Trg

Out and About Daily ~ For January 4, 2014

Ljubljana, Slovenia – I’ve now lived in Ljubljana for nearly a decade and the novelty of walking around a city that’s dominated by a hilltop castle still hasn’t worn thin.

I just felt compelled to share that.

Among the highlight of today’s daily Out & About album, the third (!) straight, are a few debates (of sorts) that I came across this afternoon that are taking place on Ljubljana’s city walls. They’re pretty sophomoric, but fun. At least for those taking part. Take a look at those and the rest of today’s shots snapped during a walk through the afternoon rain here.

I was going to spend the rest of the night reading and writing about the irony of Greece presiding over the European Union for the next six months, but decided to watch a Nicholas Payton concert on TV instead. Definitely a wise decision. If you have nothing else planned, you should too. Here’s a 90-minute performance from the 2012 Berhausen Jazz Festival. Enjoy.


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