Urban Canvases – 15 Street Art Snaps from Santiago, Chile

I’m always attracted to street art, be it elaborate block-wide gallery quality murals or the polemical scribblings by spray can-armed voices of desperate illumination. Can you honestly say you weren’t mesmerized, at least a little bit, by the dreamy cubist variation of the mural above?

In my recent wanderings, among the more attractive public canvases I came across, like the one at top, were found in Santiago, Chile’ sprawling capital of six million, making the images I collected there the perfect inauguration for Piran Café’s new weekly Urban Canvases series.

Each Sunday we’ll focus our attention on a different city and highlight street art and graffiti images, those both commissioned and illicit, that I’ve collected over the past several years. I’ll do my best to track down more info and related links and invite others to contribute as well.

The majority of these were taken in the Bohemian Bellavista neighborhood, not far from La Chascona, the Pablo Neruda home and museum; others were from the area near the Bellas Artes metro stop.

I hasten to add that there is plenty of pointless scrawling and acts of spray paint vandalism nearly every place you go in Santiago. You just won’t find it here. Enjoy!

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– More photos via Charlando
– A few more pics via Santiago Streets

If you’ve got additional Santiago street art-related links you’d like to share, or links to photos of your own, do tell in the comments below and I’ll be happy to add them to the main post.


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  1. lostfunzone (dothob) says

    awesome stuff. i’m very looking forward to the urban canvases series.

    1. BobR says

      Thanks! Me too! 🙂

  2. frankaboutcroatia says

    Love your idea on Urban Canvases series. Lovely street art in Santiago. I tried to choose my favorite, but wasn’t able to. Maybe a cat woman on a bicycle 🙂

    1. BobR says

      That is a good one. I’m a little partial to the portraits with four eyes. 🙂

  3. Chasing the Donkey says

    Thanks so very much for linking up Bob, I am amazed how how talented street artists can be. Just wow. I have pinned this, I do hope that’s cool.

    1. BobR says

      That’s fine, thanks and share, share, share! 🙂

  4. Adventures in Kevin's World says

    Very nice. I love urban art like this. While it’s not Santiago, I did recently do a similar post about art in Ecuador.

    1. BobR says

      Thanks – I have shots of that same wall in Quito. 🙂 It was incredible! I’ll be doing a post on Quito and a few other Ecuadoran cities in the future, and will include your link in those posts. Thanks for checking in, much appreciated!

      1. Adventures in Kevin's World says

        If you mean the people and the trees – yes, that was one of the most remarkable pieces of public art I have ever seen. I look at it for about 20 minutes.

        I look forward to your other posts.

        1. BobR says

          Yes, that one. Remarkable.

  5. gmtnunez says

    Santiago’s street art is fantastic! I studied abroad there in 2012 and had an internship there last summer. I’ve got a couple pics in this post if you’d like to see more: http://gmtnunez.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/alla-al-fondo/.
    Also, the entire city of Valparaíso in Chile is FILLED with graffiti, commissioned and uncommissioned. If you go there on a sunny day, the colors just pop out at you from every which way: http://gmtnunez.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/valley-of-paradise/.
    Thanks for spotlighting a city that is close to my heart! Santiago does not get enough credit for being a great Latin American cultural center.

    1. BobR says

      Thanks for the links, will add them to the main story shortly.

      I enjoyed my all-to-brief stay in Santiago, but unfortunately didn’t make it to Valparaiso. Big mistake from what you and others have mentioned, but hey, I refuse to have regrets in life. 🙂

      1. gmtnunez says

        You need to visit Valpo on the right day. I hope to go back and have a much better time!

        1. BobR says

          I hope to return one day as well — Chilean Patagonia in particular is a place I must experience again.

          1. gmtnunez says

            I never made it to Patagonia- got to Chiloé but that was as far south as I went. Torres del Paine is a definite return trip!

        2. tsuhelm says

          Valpo is a must for all street art fans 🙂
          Also has a nice hippy arty vibe in some areas…

          1. gmtnunez says

            Valpo had a great hipster-artist vibe. How could you not get creative when surrounded by the sea and all of those colors?

        3. tsuhelm says

          Another blogger mentions 2 of the best Valpo street artists: Inti and Charkypunk http://amylulita.blogspot.com/2010/07/rad-art-work-graffiti-from-chile.html

  6. atul1658 says

    i like heartly….up to….

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  8. rmk says

    These are beautiful. Makes me want to go there.

    1. BobR says

      They really are very good. And you should. Go there, I mean. 🙂

  9. thesockzombiediaries says

    Truly amazing! Makes me want to go there just for the art!

    1. BobR says

      You should! 🙂

  10. fromstreetwithlove says

    Such a beautiful thing !!
    If you fancy check this out, it would be nice

  11. kayleighclarkephotography says

    Awesome collection of images! LOOOVE the colours 🙂 much love, Kayleigh xo


    1. BobR says

      The colors are great – on that particular sunny day, they were almost blinding. 🙂

  12. tessthedancer says

    Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  13. artslawyer says

    Hi- I tweeted this! Love the photos and story. I write an art and law blog and your photos reminded me of the late 5pointz in NY!
    My blog is at http://artslawyerblog.wordpress.com

    1. BobR says

      Thanks, Jessica. Very much appreciate the share, and am now following your blog. Cheers!

  14. youngvanity says

    I love it! (:

  15. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says

    Amigo! Email notifications of new WP posts have gone AWOL and no longer finding my inbox; I just saw this announcement on Freshly Pressed! So deserving! Congratulations! Z (Great post – I’m loving all of the art you’re posting!)

    1. BobR says

      Thanks you. 🙂 Yup, WP has been acting a bit strange for the past week.

  16. Laxman Prajapati says

    Very nice and you r very great,
    I love this 🙂

    – laxman

    1. BobR says

      Thanks! More on the way, each and every Sunday. 🙂

      1. Laxman Prajapati says

        Most welcome 🙂

  17. hautm says
  18. stevencharlesrae says

    Reblogged this on stevencharlesrae's Blog.

    1. BobR says

      Thank you Sir, VERY much appreciated!

  19. shootlydia says

    loved the works!

  20. ibnudona says

    Reblogged this on ibnudona and commented:
    learn again

    1. BobR says

      Thanks for reblogging, VERY much appreciated!


    Republicou isso em VIVIMETALIUN.

    1. BobR says

      And thank you too for reblogging, VERY much appreciated! 🙂

  22. gallivance.net says

    Fascinating street art Bob – you’ve just moved Santiago up on my “must visit” list. Some of the most interesting street art I’ve seen lately is in Athens, Greece. Although it’s message is usually political, it packs a powerful anti-EU wallop! Do you see much of that there in Ljubljana? Congrats on the Freshly Pressed – you rocked it! All the best, Terri

    1. BobR says

      It’s not quite on the same level, but there are aspects of anti-EU sentiment here in Ljubljana too. I haven’t been to Athens and Greece since fall of 2009. I’m sure it’s a much different place now.

  23. Susan at Resale Evangelista says

    Love this street art, especially the one that’s pressed. I’m going to reblog it today, if that’s okay. And I’m following you, so I’m looking forward to more great photos! Susan

  24. Susan at Resale Evangelista says

    Reblogged this on Resale Evangelista and commented:
    This is really fun street art from Santiago, Chili.

    1. BobR says

      Thanks SO much for reblogging Susan, very much appreciated.

  25. Jane Lee McCracken says

    Fantastic post Bob, really looking forward to the next in the series! Love street art and these are amazing examples. We saw some great street art on the outskirts of Gdansk last year – have you been there? Ljubljana looks incredible, hoping to make it to Slovenia one day, it’s on my to do list!

    1. BobR says

      Thanks and thanks also for stopping by. If you plan on making it to Ljubljana, definitely get in touch. I love playing tour guide. 🙂

      1. Jane Lee McCracken says

        Many thanks Bob! That’s great thank you! Will do, it looks stunning 🙂

  26. mytanfeet says

    Love street art! They’re some very talented artists there

  27. Travis H says

    Wow! These are fantastic. We always try and seek out a little of the local street art flavour in the cities we travel to – sometimes the best examples are in cities you would least expect (Ljubljana, Slovenia immediately comes to mind)! We have been very eager to visit Chile, and your posts are only adding to that feeling! Glad to have found your blog via Sunday Traveler!

    1. BobR says

      Yes, there is plenty here in Ljubljana. Some of it quite good too. Thanks for coming by!

  28. ileanoneileen says

    The graffiti scene is particularly vibrant in Santiago and Valparaiso. At one point I tried to make a blog cataloguing some of the street art I saw in Santiago. It was a very short-lived endeavor, but I still have some photos up:

    1. BobR says

      Excellent! Short, but sweet. 🙂 I’ve just added the link to the body of the post.

  29. sobrien65 says

    thanks for posting that. They are brilliant works. can’t wait to see more

    1. BobR says

      Thank YOU for checking ’em out. More coming each and every Sunday. 🙂 And several everyday in my Google+ feed. Stop by there too when you can. 🙂


  30. Lunaguava says

    I love good examples of street art. They’re one of my favorite aspects of a big city. Spray paint “tag” graffiti, on the other hand, can go the way of the dodo. Great photos, Bob (as usual)! Good luck!

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  32. carolinelumsden says

    Reblogged this on The Hague International.

  33. shelbyreid says

    Reblogged this on shelbyreid.

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  35. Evaded Traveler says

    It’s interesting how rich Spain is in street art. It stands out from the rest of Europe.
    I reckon South America has a tremendously rich street art culture…

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