Out and About Daily ~ For January 6, 2014

Ljubljana and the Ljubljana Moors, Slovenia – While family, friends and colleagues coped with record sub-zero temperatures in North America, I spent Ljubljana’s first sunny afternoon of the year on a 30km bike ride around the Ljubljana Moors. Temperatures here, not far from the shadows of the southern Alps, topped 10 C (51 F). Unseasonable is one word for it.

A dozen or so shots from my ride through the moors, Europe’s southernmost wetlands, highlight today’s mobile album, my new daily project whose aim is to capture a little bit of the everyday every day from wherever I happen to be. Check it out on my Google+ stream here; links to previous albums are below.

Blog News

I’ve been Freshly Pressed! Yesterday’s post about street art in Santiago, Chile, the inaugural spotlight in my new weekly Urban Canvases series, was included in today’s WordPress editors’ daily picks. Thanks, folks, VERY much appreciated.

Maps and the Root Connection

When I wasn’t riding or working on my manuscript, I spent too much time today losing myself in the tweets shared by @Amazing_Maps. I leave you with these two recent offerings, and the most beautiful song I listened to today, Patti Smith and Dancing Barefoot. Enjoy!





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  1. spnphoto says

    Very interesting and congrats!

    1. BobR says


  2. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says

    congratulations! i’ve a comment trying to get through on the previous post. slow internet.. sigh.

    it’s raining so hard i would not be able to hear the song but will play it soon!
    congratulations again.. and again!


    1. BobR says

      Thank you Z!

  3. Nina says

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Your blog is great (and Patti Smith is pretty awesome too :))!

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