On the Bus, Revisited

When I’m asked to recall a window, I’m drawn to this, a lone woman’s melancholy gaze breaking through the reflection of clouds on a bus window. It’s one of my all-time favorite shots, captured spontaneously while waiting for a red light to turn green at an intersection in Belgrade, Serbia, back in May 2007.

I’ve posted the color version before [and here and here and here]; prompted by this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge –the theme is Window— I decided to spend a few minutes playing with it in monochrome. You know, so I could post it again. 🙂

It’s difficult to pull off to equal effect. In the mono version, it’s not clear to me that the reflections are clouds. They almost look more like smoke. I do like the full black to full white range, and the gray does give both women’s expressions–melancholy on one, casual indifference on the other– a certain timeless quality.


On the Bus, Beograd, Serbia, 29-May-2007
On the Bus, Beograd, Serbia, 29-May-2007
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