Urban Canvases – 39 Street Art Pics from Bariloche, Argentina

I’m a sucker for any thoughtful renderings of Mother Earth; combine Pacha Mama with a reference to a Tom Waits song, and I’m sold.

I spotted this beautiful piece about four blocks south of the Centro Civico in Bariloche, Argentina, this week’s stop in Piran Café’s Urban Canvases series. Ths city of some 115,000, formally known as San Carlos de Bariloche, lies in the northern reaches of Patagonia along the southern shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake. Attracted by its stunning Andean setting and a wealth of summer and winter activities, it’s become the premiere stop in the region for trekkers, skiers and lovers of the outdoors.

Like other places that rely heavily on tourism, here by far the chief economic driver, the rise in the price of services and property has a flip side. That’s the side that interested me that particular week last March.

I stayed in Bariloche for five days; with one afternoon exception the majority of those 120 or so hours were spent close to town exploring the city’s urban life where I discovered, among other things, lots of street art.

There’s quite a mix here, from the elaborate, colorful and playful to hard-edged polemical scribblings that all possess their own unique charm.

Three galleries and 39 pics in all. Enjoy!

I posted twice before from and about Bariloche, with both posts offering, among other things, additional examples of streetart. This post, published to celebrate International Women’s Day, featured murals created for a national women’s gathering the city hosted in 2011. And the there is 100 Seconds from Bariloche, a short video comprised of one-second clips collected over the course of a five hour walk. A fun experiment in speed and editing.

Do you have any Bariloche street art-related links you’d like to share, or links to photos of your own? Do tell in the comments below and I’ll be happy to add them to the main post.

And finally, check out the Urban Canvasses series’ debut from last week, focusing on Santiago, Chile.


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