Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled course
Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled course, June 2011

Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Run, 30 Years Later

The 22nd Winter Olympic Games officially get underway today, just one day shy of the 30th anniversary of the opening of the 1984 Games in Sarajevo. Above, a shot of what the bobsled run looks like today, part of the Bosnian capital’s Olympic legacy.

Constructed in 15 months at a cost of 563,209,000 Yugoslav Dinars (US$4.5 million), the bobsled and luge facility on Trebević Mountain, which overlooks the city from the south, was a major point of pride for Yugoslavia’s Winter Olympic organizers. The venue hosted 30,000 spectators for the bobsled competition, and 20,000 for the luge.

Eight years and two months after the Closing Ceremonies it served as a Bosnian Serb artillery position during the siege of Sarajevo which ultimately killed more than 10,000 people. These days the facility’s visitors include young lovers, tourists, an occasional shepherd and plenty of graffiti artists.

Here’s a 17-photo slideshow with shots taken when I visited in June 2011; I posted briefly back then with a link to a video of a four-minute high-speed walk down the run, but haven’t yet posted these photos.

With chirping birds as my guides along the battered and bruised concrete monument, it was a peaceful stroll through a landscape well on its way to becoming a reclaimed forest. It was surreal, too; I felt as if I was walking through a set of a post-Apocalyptic film.

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And below, a four-minute video, the Trebević Mountain Polka. Enjoy the stroll.

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