White-Face Capuchin Monkey
White-Face Capuchin Monkey

Hanging out With a White-faced Capuchin Monkey

Today’s Pic du Jour — the 43rd straight!– features a white-faced capuchin monkey who was hanging out on the grounds of our hotel near Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica last July.

This was one of about a dozen who twice a day climbed up the hillside through the trees before reaching our roof and the hotel’s garden. Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica’s second most visited park; not surprisingly they seemed quite accustomed to hanging out with humans and didn’t appear to be too impressed. Fortunately, he didn’t start throwing those coconuts.

Have you seen a monkey in the wild? If so, what kind and where?

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  1. Hi Bob, I have actually seen loads of monkey on my travels, but most memorable were those in India. And while they usually came in two different types, brow or grey, I always tried to remember not to smile at them since they might receive seeing teeth as an aggressive act. It’s never an easy task, especially when look as cute as your white-faced fellow over here… 🙂

    1. Hi Dennis — Thanks for the tip about showing teeth, that never occurred to me. 🙂 I did smile at these guys, but not at the howlers I came across elsewhere in Costa Rica and in Ecuador. They’re much bigger. And stronger-looking too. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. Will be dropping by your site shortly.

  2. Hola Bob,
    Just wanted to say I check your posts daily, but now there is no place to “like” them. But, I enjoy every post you write. And, by the way, we live with Howler monkeys daily. We usually see more in the dry season when they come closer to the lake for water. They wake us up every morning howling. 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie – Good to know you guys enjoy a natural alarm clock every day! 🙂

      Many thanks for stopping by AND for your trying to locate a way to ‘like’! 🙂 There is an option here, the little heart symbol at the foot of the post among the share icons. There are still lots of things to fix here, but it’s getting there, slowly but surely. Be well!

    1. Best about this dude and his extended family was that we didn’t even have to try very hard to see them. They came to us. 🙂

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