18th century Palača Carli (Palazzo Carli), Koper, Slovenia
18th century Palača Carli (Palazzo Carli), Koper, Slovenia

Koper’s Palazzo Carli, and a Note on Wikipedia

Today’s Pic du Jour is of the courtyard of the 18th century Palača Carli, or Palazzo Carli, located in the Koper, Slovenia’s main port city in the northern Adriatic.

Named for the historian Gian Rinaldo Carli, who was born in the house in 1720, the fountain in the courtyard dates back to 1418.

By the way: Wikipedia notes that Carli was an encyclopedist; learning that on a day when Wiki is holding a fundraiser was too strong a coincidence to pass on, so I chipped in 10 euros. For a free site that I use each and every day, that’s the most solid investment I will make today. I think you should, too.

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  1. Oh, I do. I mean support Wikipedia concretely, month by month. I also use it every day, for work and pleasure, so this was inevitable 🙂

    Am going to dream about doing that Fitz Roy hike now, so no Wikipedia today. 🙂

    1. You are a much better human than I. It took me until yesterday to finally contribute a little something. I’ll try to follow your lead and make it a monthly habit. 🙂

      1. Well, actually, it is I use Wikipedia much more than most people: when translating, I read about things I am writing about to find out what special terms are used for a certain topic in certain languages etc. So it felt appropriate to give something back.

        Just the other day I was told there are 2 ways of saying “Georgian” in Slovene (Georgia in the Caucasus): gruzijski or gruzinski. I have never heard of gruzinski before 😳 so I … Wikipediad it. Turns out most of our Slavic friends say “gruzinski” (which was also the official Slovene version till the Croatian gruzijski pushed it out).

        Jep, Wikipedia’s good 🙂

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