Lüftlmalerei, or Air Painting in Bavaria: 14 Examples

I mentioned Lüftlmalerei, or Air Painting, in my 68 Hours in Garmisch-Partenkirken Notebook post yesterday, but feel it needs a little further explanation. And more examples.

Lüftlmalerei refers to the colorful frescoes that are commonly seen on the sides of houses, hotels, storefronts and shops throughout not only GaPa, but in other parts of Southern Germany, Italy and elsewhere in the Alpine world. The style dates back to the mid 18th century and it’s believed that the name is derived from Zum Lüftl, the house and home of facade painter Franz Seraph Zwinck in Oberammergau, Germany. I’ve seen very similar decorative murals in some of Slovenia’s Alpine regions; whether that’s considered authentic Lüftlmalerei, I don’t know. As I recall the similarity in styles were striking.

The majority of the murals I saw in GaPa —and there were LOTS— depicted religious motifs, but there were plenty that were secular in nature as well. Fairy tales were a common theme, as were depictions of a romanticized version of country life. And young love, too.

Below, a slide show with 12 more examples. Some really beautiful work. Enjoy!


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  3. Laura says

    What beautiful art! Would love to go there

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