Pic du Jour: Pineapple Vendor, Hanoi

Pineapple vendor Hanoi

Today’s Pic du Jour –the 75th(!) straight since this project was re-inaugurated– features a woman prepping for her morning pineapple sales route, snapped just a few minutes before she sold me my breakfast baggie.

This is for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge which asked for illustrations of Street Life. In Hanoi it starts humming at about 6 am.

Hanoi, Vietnam, 24-Oct-2010
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  1. janet says

    I bet it’s quite lively once it gets going, too. Does she cut the pineapple into slices or how is it served once you get it in the baggy?


    1. Bob R says

      Yes, slices. That’s fairly common for lots of fruit sold on the streets.


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