Palm Sunday Shopping – Pic du Jour

Prepping olive branches for Palm Sunday at the central market in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prepping olive branches for Palm Sunday shoppers today at the central market in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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  1. Tanja says

    We are on our way…! 😉

  2. Michele says

    It fascinates me how different cultures use different types of trees for Palm Sunday, we discovered her in Moscow they us what I call Pussy Willows. We have seen old ladies selling them all week and we wondered why. Coming form Australia I hadn’t thought about it before as we have palms to use 🙂 Great photo.

  3. Michele {Malaysian Meanders} says

    Like the other Michele who commented, I’m also fascinated to see what people use around the world for Palm Sunday. Here in Malaysia, a Korean friend of mine kept referring to Coconut Day, and we had no idea what she was talking about. After a moment, we realized she meant Palm Sunday and wanted to know where to get palms. On this tropical island, they are all over the place, so we suggested she climb a tree and chop some down herself.

    1. Bob R says

      Great story Michele – makes sense reading it but it never would have occurred to me.

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