13 images from Slovenia’s Iška River Gorge

The Iška River Gorge
The Iška River Gorge

Here are 13 images from Iški vintgar, or the Iška River Gorge, which is located about 21 kilometers south of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital.

Set near the southeastern corner of the Ljubljana Moors, Europe’s southernmost wetlands, the gorge is a popular summertime weekend retreat for Ljubljana-ites yet it generally remains quiet and uncrowded during the spring and autumn months. Even on some summer weekdays I’ve found it practically empty. It’s a 15-20min trip from the city by car; I generally bike it in about an hour.

These were all taken on Saturday afternoon (12-April); I’ve visited several times during each season over the past six years and don’t recall it ever being so saturated in shades of green in the first half of April.

It reaches between 300 and 400 meters at its deepest where it marks the strongest natural border between Slovenia’s Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) and Notranjska (Inner Carniola) regions. It’s a popular hiking spot, with numerous trails heading in several directions, both through the gorge and up hillsides. I hope to cover all of those in the next few months.

It’s also on the E6 European Long Distance Path, a 6,283km (3,904mi) trans-continental hiking trail that begins at in the northwestern tip of Finland at Kilpisjärvi and concludes in Alexandroupolis, Greece. (For the record, the first section of the trail ends on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast in Strunjan. There is then a gap until Greece which needs to be bridged by ferry to Igoumenitsa from either Koper, Slovenia or Trieste or Venice in Italy.)

I haven’t yet identified the wildflowers pictured below; I’ll get to it but would appreciate any guidance in the meantime.

Below, a couple info signs to help refresh your command of the Slovenian language:

Iski Vintgar 11 Iski Vintgar 10

And finally, the view at the start of my 21km bike ride home. Yup, I got drenched after about 20 minutes, and stung by a bee too.

Iski Vintgar 01

And lastly a downloadable routemap via bikmap.net:

Route 2,555,622 – powered by www.bikemap.net


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  1. Love these photos–there’s such a vibrant spring feeling to them, and I especially like the last one which looks like a storm is either brewing or has just passed. Blue-gray clouds against yellow-green landscape has always been one of my favorite natural color combinations.

  2. I love these collection of photos – so beautiful and vibrant! The place looks like an amazing place to visit. I hope you didn’t get too wet but the threatening sky made for a great photo opp!

  3. Love your photos, it is intensely green! But oh my, that sky looks ominous… I bet that was a really fun ride back 🙂

  4. I’m hoping to do some river rafting in the Dunajec gorge in Southern Poland at the beginning of May, Bob. Keeping my fingers crossed that the temperatures will rise a bit. 1-3C at the minute 🙁

    1. That sounds excellent Jo! I’ve never been in that part of Europe but have heard good things. And fear not, I’m sure it’ll warm up a bit by then. 🙂

  5. Every time I see a picture of the Slovenian Alps and Lake Bled it reminds me that I must make my way there, just gorgeous!

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