Abandoned bike at Ljubljana Train Station
Abandoned bike, Ljubljana Train Station II, 30-Apr-2014

Ljubljana Street Crawl Daily – Day 7

This was taken at a bike stand at Ljubljana train station, the location where most of today’s Street Crawl Daily Dozen were shot. Below is a cut lock that was lying on the ground at another bike stand. It reminded me of the three bikes I’ve had stolen since moving here ten years ago.

Bike stand, Ljubljana Cut lock at a bike stand, Train Station, 30-Apr-2014
Bike stand, Ljubljana Train Station, 30-Apr-2014

This was day seven of this mobile phone speed-shooting project, with three more to go. [Project intro is here.] Tomorrow is May Day, a major national holiday here, the beginning of a long weekend for most people. Ljubljana is already fairly empty of locals; it’ll be even more cleared out over the next few days. Much of city center will look like this shot taken on Ajdovščina Street.

Ajdovščina Street, Ljubljana, 30-Apr-2014
Ajdovščina Street, Ljubljana, 30-Apr-2014

To catch up with this high speed tour of the Slovenian capital, check out all six albums linked to below this last shot from today at the train station. Any and all feedback appreciated. Enjoy!

Ljubljana Train Station, 30-Apr-2014
Ljubljana Train Station I, 30-Apr-2014









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