Poljanska Street, Ljubljana
Poljanska Street, Ljubljana

Ljubljana Street Crawl Daily: The Finale

The Street Crawl Daily, a ten-day mobile phone speed-shooting project on the streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia, concludes with this dandy dozen, nearly half of which were shot from a moving bike, like the one above.

Never mind that I temporarily turned into (nearly) everything I hate most about mobile phone addicts. I had to test the focus speed of my Galaxy 3 which for the most part it failed miserably. My apologies to the few of you I almost hit. I won’t be doing it again any time soon. Promise.

War-free zone, old town center, Ljubljana
War-free zone, old town center, Ljubljana

I leave early afternoon Sunday for an assignment in Doha, Qatar, for nine days. In the meantime I’m going to let these sit for a bit, then revisit them in two weeks when I’ll whittle them down from nine dozen to one to see more precisely what I came up with. If anything.

If you missed previous albums, please do check ‘em out from the links in the G+ post below. Thoughts, feedback and critiques most welcome and encouraged. Please enjoy.




  1. Motion for cell phone cameras are not too great. I think you did an excellent job taking these photos while on a bike! I barely can ride without my hands, so I am truly impressed 🙂

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