Doha West Bay at night

Doha West Bay IV

Doha West Bay at night

Doha, Qatar – It’s my last night in the capital of the world’s wealthiest country so I spent part of it hunting for early evening shots around West Bay and its constantly changing skyline.

I wasn’t too pleased with the pickings among the few dozen scenes I shot; it didn’t take me long to admit to myself that the lack of inspiration came from the setting itself. And because I was just tired of looking at lots of tall buildings. The one above I liked mostly because I saw these building in various stages of construction during previous visits, but never finished until now.

I’m heading to the airport in a couple hours; look for more about Qatar later in the week.

About that wealth figure: It’s the richest per capita at US$103,401, up a massive 34.1% from 2008. Luxembourg is a distant second at $77,935.


  1. I totally understand a lack of inspiration when shooting tall buildings. The wealth of the city is astounding. Alex and I are hoping to visit for the World Cup in a few years but hopefully we can see it before to see all the changes.

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