Abandoned home in Fuwayrit, Qatar
Fuwayrit, Qatar

13 Minutes in Fuwayrit, Qatar

[dropcap size=”50px”]T[/dropcap]here’s nothing particularly inviting about Fuwayrit (or Fuwairit), a small dusty Gulf-side settlement about 75 kilometers north of the Qatari capital Doha. There’s a smattering of houses, some half-built and mostly deserted, and a few dozen old and forgotten vehicles, long ago stripped of anything the least bit useful. Beyond that, just dirt, dust and sand, and a hint of sea air blowing inland off the Persian Gulf coast near where the settlement sits.

Abandoned car in Fuwayrit Qatar

But it was nonetheless a welcome respite from the construction zone that is Doha, home to about 65 percent of Qatar’s entire population. By comparison this village actually felt like you were somewhere, even as it lends the impression of being in the middle of the proverbial nowhere. In actuality, it’s just a short ride along a bumpy dirt track away from the apparently popular Fuwayrit Beach, which I posted about briefly here.

Fuwayrit has a very strong abandoned feel to it but it wasn’t. A few homes that we went by during our 13-minute visit were clearly lived-in and very well-kept. So to were the immediate grounds around the mosque, whose door was open. We only saw one person, a young man riding a bike, pictured below, who kept his distance. Even the most active of imaginations would have a hard time imaging the area as one of the country’s principal towns, which it was, along with Al Huwayla and Al Bida, up until about 130 years ago.

Bicyclist in Fuwayrit Qatar

Ten more photos are below in what is quite likely the biggest Fuwayrit photo gallery on the world wide web. In English, anyway. Processing-wise, I couldn’t make up my mind here, so apologies if my mix of black & white and color is giving you a headache. It works for me; hopefully it’s mutual.

Mosque in Fuwayrit, Qatar
Mosque in Fuwayrit, Qatar

Abandoned bus in Fuwayrit Qatar

Bus window with bullet hole in Fuwayrit Qatar
Bullet hole? Most likely a rock.

broken down bus in Fuwayrit Qatar

Abandoned vehicles in Fuwayrit Qatar Abandoned truck in Fuwayrit Qatar Abandoned pickup truck in Fuwayrit QatarAbandoned dwelling in Fuwayrit Qatar Abandoned building in Fuwayrit Qatar

Crumbling dirt wall of a house in Fuwayrit, Qatar
Crumbling exterior wall of an abandoned house in Fuwayrit, Qatar

And to help with your bearings.

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