Prem Cemetery I

I spent most of the day in Slovenia’s southwestern Brkini hills, visiting with family, scoping out potential tent sites at the soon-to-be Camp Bob, and enjoying a couple hours at a party where I limited myself to samplings of three homemade brandies —plum, apple and pear.  The Brkini hills are plum brandy country, but in this instance it was the pear offering —Viljamovka, or Bartlett— that won the day.

I also spent a few minutes enjoying the last of the nice early evening light at the cemetery in the village of Prem where I snapped today’s Pic du Jour, the 139th (!) straight. Like most village cemeteries, it’s quite modest but very well kept. The attention to detail in remarkable, down to the design of the water tap. More images from the cemetery forthcoming.


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