Jef Aerosol in Ljubljana (& I’m on Instagram)

I need another social network account like I need another hole in my head. Which is why I signed on to Instagram last week.

To be sure, there’s lots of noise produced by Instagram’s estimated 200 million active users, but there’s also lots of fantastic work to be found, too. Hopefully at least some of you will include me in with the latter. 🙂

I plan to use it mainly in real time: some street shooting, pics from the road and some street art documentation. Like the shot below, the 143rd (!) straight Pic du Jour, a stencil work near Ljubljana’s main train station by French graffiti artist Jef Aerosol.

My Samsung Galaxy 3 offers plenty of shooting challenges, but I enjoyed testing its limits during my Street Crawl project in April. I’m glad I gave it a chance.

If you follow prolific street art fans and street photographers, I’d love to hear your suggestions on who to follow. And oh, please join me. 🙂


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