War-Free Zone, Ljubljana, May 2014

War-Free Zone, Ljubljana

On Stari Trg street, Ljubljana old town center, May 2013.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 152nd (!) straight, was shot on film, more specifically Kodak 400TX with a Soviet-made Zenit EM. It’s from the second roll I’ve shot in 123 months – here are the highlights from the first, shot this past April. The rest of the best from the roll will be published on Sunday.

I really like the ‘War-Free Zone’ scrawl on this wall, that ‘something extra’ for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.

And marginally related, previously on this day from the Piran Café archive:

2012 – Just a quick poll about readers’ preferences on a photo of the Kamnik Alps: color or black & white?


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