Still Life With Rum Bottles and Tennis Balls

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 156th (!) straight: spotted in a window display at a small grocery store in the crossroads town of Chepo, Panama, one year ago today.

And on this day from the Piran Café archive:

2013 – The Pic du Jour was Elephant Island Sunset taken the previous night in Panama’s San Blas Islands
2012 – I’m covering a track meet in Ostrava, Czech Republic today. Two years ago I published these shots of Jumpers from a meet in Velenje, Slovenia.
2011 – My first vidblog, a five-minute video summary of May 2011 shot in Doha, Qatar, Hengelo, The Netherlands, Ostrava, Czech Republic, a few airports, and in and around Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2010Shanghai notebook – Barbarossa Restaurant and Lounge. A quick journal entry from China’s largest city.


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  1. lisa b says

    a year ago that hep was kicking your defenses down! you were about to be mia for a while!

    i love the photos of the jumpers. those are some zero-body fat lean machines! beautiful shots!

    in gye and leaving for sjo before sunrise in the manana…

    btw, today is silvana’s birthday!


    1. Bob R says

      Thanks, Lisa! Enjoy your trip and thanks for the heads-up. Hope’s all well!

  2. Maria Falvey says

    Vodka and tennis balls go well together – there’s only ever a problem when you introduce racquets to the equation. *wink*

    1. Bob R says

      Hey speak for yourself – in my day they were a pretty good combo. 🙂

  3. Dave Cole says

    All you need is a racquet (or a dog that likes to fetch) for a fun evening with this cache. Very nice capture, love the contrast!

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