Woman at the Jubilat bus stop in Krakow, Poland

Krakow, 6pm to 7

More specifically, the Jubilat bus stop on the edge of Krakow, Poland’s old town center, during the 6 o’clock hour earlier this evening.

Todays Pic du Jour, the 160th (!) straight since the daily project was re-inaugurated, is the fifth selection for the 1 Day 1 World Project started by Lisa who blogs at Northwest Frame of Mind. The idea is to illustrate a ’typical’ hour each week from wherever you happen to be until the 24-hour cycle is completed in October. This week is 6pm to 7.

I’ve been on the road since last Saturday and until I reached Krakow the evening before last I was either busy with work or sitting on a train during the 6 o’clock hour. Below is the best of the batch from yesterday, a shot with tremendous potential: a little girl wearing a medieval dress costume, her hair in a tightly wrapped braid, trying to duck when she saw me preparing to take a picture of a Pope John Paul II display. Seriously, when will that sort of combination run across my frame again?

Unfortunately, my shutter speed was at least two stops too slow. I’m posting it anyway for posterity’s sake –and as a reminder for what not to do next time.

Little girl ducking under a photo display of Pope John Paul II in Krakow, Poland

More about the project is here; link to this week’s submissions here. My previous entries: the 2pm-3, 3pm-4, 4pm-5 and 5pm-6.


And finally, on this day from the Piran Café archive:

2012If you were wondering where the Northampton Transport Peace Bus Wound up.. (I found it. Parked in the hills about 20km west of Ljubljana. Take a look.)




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