21 Photos from the 2014 Miner’s Day International Track Meet in Velenje, Slovenia

Today’s Pic du Jour features David Bett of Kenya, the winner of the 5000m race at the Miner’s Day International Track Meet in Velenje, Slovenia, last night (1 July). Here, with about 200 meters to go, he’s beginning to kick away from Olivier Irabaruta of Burundi, who finished runner-up.

I covered the meet for the IAAF, track’s international governing body, and also filed 21 photos of (mostly) lesser-known or up-and-coming athletes for Demotix; you can read the report here, and check out the photos here. The photo gallery includes:

Men’s hammer throw:
Pawel Fajdek (POL)
Krisztian Pars (HUN)
Primoz Kozmus (SLO)
Marcel Lomnicky (SVK)
Szymon Ziolkowski (POL)
Lukas Melich (CZE)
Mohamed Ali Al-Zankawi (KUW)
Paul Huetzen (GER)
Wojciech Nowicki (POL)

Women’s javelin throw:
Martina Ratej (SLO)
Linda Stahl (GER)
Nikola Ogrodnikova (CZE)
Irena Sediva (CZE)

Women’s pole vault:
Katharina Bauer (GER)

Men’s 5000m:
David Bett (KEN)
Olivier Irabaruta (BDI)
William Malel Sitonik (KEN)
Erik Tirop Kimaru (KEN)

Women’s 1500m:
Amela Terzic (SRB)
Federica del Buono (ITA)

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  1. Maria Falvey says

    Great shot! Reminds me of the old ABC’s Wide World of Sports motto: The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat – not that this image shows defeat but that you can taste his sweat and feel his muscles straining. Priceless Bob.

    1. Bob R says

      Thanks, Maria. I didn’t taste it, but I did feel a few drops of his sweat as he ran by. 🙂

  2. Laura says

    Wow what an amazing photo! Would love to see people achieve their dreams in this way, lucky you

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