Vegetable market, Kavarna, Bulgaria
Vegetable market, Kavarna, Bulgaria

Kavarna Vegetable Market, Instagram and a Humble Plea for Advice Please

I just made a terrific salad whose ingredients are all pictured here. It was purely by accident; this photo was taken at a vegetable stand at a small market in Kavarna, Bulgaria, in October 2012 and my salad was made and consumed just about an hour ago.

While I was tossing it, the smells were so fresh and profound that they reminded me of a photograph.

“Oddly, I’ve got a photo of this salad somewhere,” I said to myself. Yes, I do use words like ‘oddly’ when I converse with myself over the kitchen counter.

And, oddly enough, it didn’t even take very long to track it down.

I’ve never been fond of snapping pics of or publishing food porn. I’m sure I’d get more visits and Pinterest pins if I did, so maybe I’ll start. I don’t really like the term foodie either. But that’s a whole ‘nother topic that I don’t have time for today.

I’m catching the 21:20 overnight train to Zurich, so I gotta get packing. One goal I set for myself is to become a more regular Instagram devotee over the next ten days during my stay in the Swiss financial capital. That might even mean photos of meals.

So tell me please: should I, or shouldn’t I? I fear that once I start down the food porn trail, there will be no going back.

By the way, today’s Pic du Jour is the 210th (!!) straight since this project was relaunched seven months ago. Click on the image to see the full uncropped version.

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