A local train at Katowice station
A local train at Katowice station

Katowice Central Station

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 222nd (!!) straight, is of a local train about to pull out of the central train station in Katowice, Poland, snapped this past June. No, he didn’t yell “All aboard!”

Refurbished almost in its entirety between May 2010 and the summer of 2013 at a cost of €240 million (US$ 318 million), it’s a beautiful station, part of a larger commercial/retail/public space in the center of a city that serves as a primary hub for south central Poland.

All things considered, there are worst places one could be caught or stuck in transit. There’s free wifi throughout, a wide variety of food options, several coffee shops and very nice showers.

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And a few more useful station-related links:
Katowice Train Station (Katowice Dworzec Kolejowy) via InYourPocket Guides
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