Maquva, coffee for under a euro in Venice

A 90-cent Coffee, In Venice (Pic du Jour)

Proof that one can still find a coffee in Venice for under a euro. A real, two-sip Italian espresso.

Since relocating to Europe more than a decade ago, that’s been one gauge I use –and still do– to measure how affordable a city is. Remarkably, a quick coffee can still be enjoyed in quite a few places for less than a euro.

Normal cafes and bars in Italy still generally charge less than a euro for an espresso but I will admit that finding one in Venice, even on the far fringes near the Piazzale Roma, was an extremely pleasant surprise. A far cry indeed from some of the double figures price tags (live music surcharge included) on cups served in and near St. Mark’s square.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 292nd straight, was snapped on 6 October 2014.

  1. i liked the post and your attitude about the afford-ability of an area. nice way to take the pulse…

    believe it or not, my favorite cappuccino is still here in cowboy-town jama where luchi patiently prepares my cappuccino at palo santo cafe.. it’s the ‘nightcap’ after i’ve had the house salad and a mora or maracuya drink, and i’m about to walk back to the hostal …. my bill for all above is about five dollars…

    1. Thanks, JF, much appreciated and thanks for stopping by. The ‘like’ system doesn’t work well (or sometimes at all) with this theme so I’ve disabled it.

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