Willets, Venice, Marrakech and more: Piran Cafe’s top 10 photos for October 2014

Willet at sunset, Bogue Banks, North Carolina

This shore scene of a wading willet at sunset was taken a few weeks ago on North Carolina’s Bogue Banks Island, by far the most well-received image I snapped last month. It’s also a personal favorite for October, providing an apropos combination for a photo with which to restart a monthly ‘Best of’ photo review.

Back in the early days of Piran Café, some seven+ years ago, I published an almost monthly look back at what I considered to be the best photos I shot during the previous month. (As an example here’s a summary for 2008.)

This is a restart of that, but with a twist, pushing my personal preferences aside, and compiling instead the top 10 most talked about, faved, viewed, and shared photos via this site, and my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. And since I’m changing the rules, here’s another: for this review, I’ll also consider photos that were first published or posted over the previous month, but not necessarily shot during that period.

For the record, over the past couple weeks, this portrait of a pensive willet has attracted more than 12,000 views, nearly 400 +1’s and more than 60 shares on Google Plus alone. Many thanks, all.

Filling out the rest of Top 10 and presented in no particular order are shots snapped recently in Venice, Marrakech and Piran, Slovenia, among other locales. Enjoy!


This was featured in the post entitled Turning Over a New Leaf, the Pic du Jour used to celebrate Piran Café’s latest theme and layout. It was taken at the North Chagrin Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks, the first ‘fall’ photo I took this year. Thoughts on the new layout?

Fall 2014


Next up this portrait, snapped as I was approaching a bridge on the Ngô Đồng River near the city of Nihn Binh in northern Vietnam, which was the primary reason for the rule change mentioned above. It was taken in October 2010, and I’m finally getting around to further organizing a big batch from that trip.

Portrait along the Ngô Đồng River
From a bridge over the Ngô Đồng River, a memorable smile


This is another taken on Bogue Banks near sunset, this time facing inwards. Towards the Bogue Sound, that is, facing the mainland.

A dock on North Carolina's Bogue Sound just before sunset
North Carolina’s Bogue Sound, just before sunset


I stopped to inhale and enjoy this misty morning scene a few days before heading to the US for the winter. This is near the village of Javorje, in Slovenia’s south central Brkini Hills. Taken on 28-Sep-2014, it was published on the last day of September, but picked up steam in Google Plus and Facebook after the first of the month, so I decided to include it here.

Morning mist near Javorje, Slovenia
Morning mist near Javorje, Slovenia


This is a street scene in Piran, Slovenia, the town that lent this blog its name, during a quick early month visit to say goodbye for a while.

On Kogoj Street, Piran, Slovenia
Kogoj Street, Piran


The laundry theme continued the next day with this shot from Venice, taken during a three hour stroll.

Laundry, Venice
Laundry, Venice, October 2014


Next up from a trip in mid-September, is this shot of one of my favorite street vendors in Marrakech.

Street vendor, Marrakech
Street vendor, Marrakech


Another sunset, this one over Panama’s San Blas Islands, also made the cut. This was taken from Elephant Island in Panama’s San Blas islands in June 2013.

Carribean sunset over Panama's San Blas Islands
San Blas Islands, Panama


And finally, another from Bogue Banks, the crescent moon rising over the Atlantic just after sunset.

Cresecent moon at sunset from Bogue Banks Islands, North Carolina
Crescent moon from Bogue Banks Island, October 2014


I’ve made most of these available for purchase as prints, greeting cards or post cards. If you can’t find the photos via the links, let me know. I’ll be happy to remedy the situation.

And by the way, this lead willet image also serves as today’s Pic du Jour, the 295th straight. Thanks for visiting!



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