Sunset on the Grand Canal in Venice, in infrared
Sunset on the Grand Canal, October 2014

700+ Free Lightroom Presets (and the Grand Canal in monochrome infrared)

If you were wondering what late afternoon light on the Grand Canal in Venice looks like processed with a black and white infrared Lightroom preset, you’re welcome. 🙂

The internets are hardly lacking for snapshots of the Grand Canal. I decided that adding one in monochrome infrared, even if fake, wouldn’t add too much to the noise. I hope you all agree.

More so, my decision to play with this was driven primarily out of curiosity. Until very recently —and outside of a few mobile phone projects— I haven’t been a big proponent of using digital filters and presets with my photography. I’m very much a purist in that sense, but I’m not philosophically opposed to the use of popular manipulation apps, either. Like the art and practice of photography itself, aesthetics are ever changing and evolving. So are fads and novel ideas. There are a lot of different looks that I enjoy, infrared among them.

But shooting real infrared with digital cameras is very problematic and complicated —here’s an intro and explanation and suggestions on DIY options if you’re inclined to take apart and fiddle with your DSLR’s electronics— so I chose the easier route and went in search of some free Lightroom presets instead.

The photo above was processed with one simply called B&W Infrared I found on Presetlove. I don’t know how close to true the infrared rendering is, but I liked the antiquated look it also produced so I decided to go with it for today’s Pic du Jour. I didn’t think any further adjustments were needed so didn’t spend too much time with it; presets, at least in my limited experience, are there for convenience and speed.

While I was searching, I found several others that I’ll never have the time to play with. But you or someone else might, so I’m listing some of them here for any other infrared enthusiasts that might stumble across this post. All of these links include several presets —not only infrared styles— so this list easily represents several hundred in all.

All are free (though some require registration or subscribing to a newsletter) and are presented here in no particular order:

If you create your own and are happy to share, feel free to leave your link in the comments. Enjoy!


And for the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the 302nd straight, was snapped on 6 October 2014 in Venice, Italy, probably my 20th visit to the city. As crowded and annoying as it can be, I have yet to tire strolling the streets.

ISO 400


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