Beachcombing in the San Blas Islands | Stock Image Gallery

Shells, trees and trash.

That’s primarily what you’ll find if you spend any time beachcombing on any of the 370 small islands that make up the San Blas Islands, or Guna Yala, the archipelago off of Panama’s Caribbean coast. Lots of the former and too much of the latter.

The shells are big, bold and beautiful. A dime a dozen, but too big to take with you. (And sometimes illegal to take, too. Check before you pack.)

There’s the driftwood, trunks and palms, that when uprooted expose the fascinating submerged wiry world of the trees that most people equate to some sublime form of paradise.

Then there’s the trash. As in other parts of the world, plastic mostly, some thrown overboard and some left behind. By most estimates, the majority of the flotsam is land-based which has drifted for hundreds if not thousands of miles before winding up on the shores of one of these sinking islands. The North Atlantic Gyre, home to the North Atlantic garbage patch, stretches to this section of the Caribbean and brings with it its share of plastic water bottles and bags.

Seventeen images below.




And trash.



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Today’s Pic du Jour, the 317th straight, was taken in the San Blas Islands, Panama, on 14-Jun-2013.

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  1. julial213 says

    HI, Thanks for visiting my blog. I was just beachcoming too. Still new to taking photographs that I didn’t think to just take pictures, but then again the grandchildren were the important ones that day. Love your pictures. ~Julia

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