Sign for the Hall of Mildness at the Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai
The sign to Happiness and Mildness

The Path to Happiness, Shanghai

Both places sound inviting, don’t they?

This is a sign at the Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai. Located in the northeast of the Old City of Shanghai [map], Yuyuan, or simply Yu, is considered to be one of the four finest Chinese gardens. It dates back to the Ming Dynasty of mid 1500s.

Even though it’s presented as such, I don’t consider this a translation, but rather an attempt to define concepts that don’t exist precisely across cultures. A convergence of languages of sorts, for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, convergence.

Or more simply, a place where the paths to happiness and mildness converge.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 319th straight, was snapped in Shanghai on 25-May-2014.

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