A Brief Look at Otto Dix’s GrossStadt (Metropolis)

Otto Dix would have been 123 today. Some are taken from us much too soon.

These are three detail shots of his 1927 triptych GrossStadt/ Metroplis, one of favorite works by Dix —and one of his most famous— which I had the privilege to enjoy at the exhibit, Drei. Das Triptychon in der Moderne, at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart in February 2009.

Dix created his finest work between the wars, using his experiences from the battlefields of the first world war and his later experimentation with Dada to produce depictions of the dark underbelly of Germany inter-war society. GrossStadt is a critique of the Weimar Republic, where the wealthy reveled while war veterans, disfigured and forgotten, walked the streets.

It’s a timeless theme that keeps repeating in every corner of the planet.

A little more about Dix is here and here.

GrossStadt by Otto Dix, detail 2

GrossStadt by Otto Dix, detail

GrossStadt by Otto Dix, detail 1

I have a habit of taking lots of photos of artworks at museums that allow it. The habit also includes remaining woefully behind with processing them. Despite that I have managed to make more than 250 such images available via Creative Commons; several from this exhibit included. If you’re interested, they’re all posted on my flickr collection here. You can also check out a listing by exhibit here.

And below a video of the painting on display in Stuttgart, to give you a sense of the work’s scale.


Today’s Pic du Jour, the 323rd straight, was taken in Stuttgart, Germany, on 08-Feb-2009.

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